trick and treat: zombies

I sure do love zombies (can you tell?). Probably because zombie movies really scare me. I always know a good one when I get that feeling of absolute despair, like how will they ever get out of this?! These are probably my two all-time favorite zombie tales. Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later. I think they were both game changers when it came to zombie lore and horror films in general. 

The treat: zombie cookies!
I was inspired by this pin. Byron helped me decorate and we had a lot of fun. Mostly because as you remove cookie limbs, you get to eat them... like a zombie. Right?!


  1. We are fans of zombie movies. 28 Days Later was the first zombie movie I ever watched!

    1. It's a pretty scary one to start with. Those fast zombies are no joke!