trick and treat: Trick 'r Treat

We always wait until Halloween night to watch Trick 'r Treat. It is everything a Halloween film should be-- fun, scary, bloody and spooky with plenty of costumes, pumpkins, tricks and treats and even a little Halloween history. Just make sure you don't break the rules! For our treat we had, what else...Halloween candy. 

Happy Haunting everyone! Be safe. Have fun. 
Remember, keep the jack-o-lanterns lit and always check your candy.

happy halloween

trick and treat: The Host

We managed to find our scary movies, so we are quickly making our way through them before Halloween night. This film is a Korean monster movie (not to be confused with the Stephanie Meyer book that was recently made into a movie), and a very smart one at that. I highly recommend it of you are looking for a fun ride of a film and you don't mind the subtitles.

For our treat we had David Chang inspired noodle bowls. I blogged about the magnificence that is Momofuku pulled pork here. You can find the recipe for David's ramen broth on this blog. I kind of improvised mine by combining chicken broth, water, soy sauce, mirin, and rice wine vinegar until I liked the taste. I then sautéed some collard greens and added a soft boiled egg. Don't forget the sriracha!  

in a galaxy far, far away...

... a little Ewok roamed and searched for candy. 
We attended our first ever Trunk-or-Treat over the weekend. In true Raphael family fashion, we went all out. Our theme...Star Wars. 

Jedi Master Byron, Ewok Alice and I (Han Solo) drove the old Millennium Falcon to the park to hand out candy and chat with new friends. (Thanks to Jackie for these pictures of us and our trunk)

The inspiration for our trunk.

I think Alice liked her costume. She certainly speaks Ewok on occasion and likes chasing the dog with her spear. 

I'm so glad we were able to dress up, as a family, for Halloween. And show all of the nice people we just met how geeky we really are. 

panda goes to the store

This little panda bear got to go trick-or-treating at the grocery store. It was a casual affair, candy in buckets and smiles from everyone around. Alice liked the twizzlers and we had a little extra fun while getting the milk and bread for the week. 

apple holler

On our drive into the beautiful state of Wisconsin, we passed Apple Holler. I have always wanted to go apple picking (see my fall bucket list) and this place has that and so much more. We decided to make this our first official fall family outing in our new state. We left early in the morning for the orchard and started the day with some cider doughnuts. Oh, they were everything I imagined they would be. We sat Alice in a wagon and rolled our way through the orchard, picking and tasting under the warm sun, in the chilly air. It was beautiful, and fruitful.

Byron liked the Golden Delicious. I preferred the Rome Beauties. Alice took bites out of every apple she could get her hands on. 

We left Apple Holler with full bellies (I got a caramel apple to go) and a peck of apples. This will have to be a family tradition. We had so much fun. 

fall fun

Whew, we made it to Wisconsin in time to enjoy the fall. We were a bit worried the snow would start before we got to enjoy any fall fun. Here is my fall bucket list. I better get these done since the weatherman says there will be snow showers next week. 

1. Eat a cider doughnut
2. Let Alice pick her own pumpkin
3. Teach Alice how to Trick-or-Treat
4. Dress up, as a family, for Halloween
5. Apple picking
6. Drink some hot cider
7. Sit around a fire
8. Make s'mores
9. Eat pumpkin flavored everything (latte, ice cream, beer, bread, pie, etc.)
10. Collect colorful leaves
11. Eat a caramel apple

changes abound

Well, Alice grew a mustache. Just kidding- we made our way north and after two days of driving and a three night detour to hang out with family, we arrived at our new home. So. Many. Changes. It's overwhelming, sometimes irritating (hello one bathroom apartment), but always fun with these two. Alice is as silly as ever- talking and singing while Byron and I try to work out the last details of moving across the country. 

We have a little chipmunk friend who scurries across our patio. I've been feeding him bananas. I plan to keep him fat and happy all winter.  He needs a name, and my brain is too fried to come up with one. Any suggestions?

pumpkin patch

Among the moving chaos we were able to visit a pumpkin patch. Well, it was a pile of pumpkins outside of a Home Depot, but that counts right? We can't forgo all of the fall fun just because we have so much to do. 

Alice wasn't interested in her tiny pumpkin, she handed it to us and said "No Mama, no Dada." Then she tried to pick up all the big ones. She is so my child. 

yard sale

You know what's fun? Purging, packing, moving, selling, job finding, home finding, picking up and two weeks. Just kidding, it's not fun. It's an exhilarating, crazy, sweaty mess made more "fun" by a tornado of a child and a nervous chihuahua underfoot. We are doing it though. I just keep telling myself, it will all be worth it in the end and people do this all the time. I'll tell you this too, standing in the 90 degree sun (isn't is supposed to be fall?!?!?) for six hours has really put me in the mood for some cold, frigid Wisconsin weather. The yard sale went really well though. We got rid of a lot of stuff, made some people really happy with our massive DVD collection, learned a few card tricks from a budding magician and enjoyed some time spent with neighbors. 

carolina sun

This week has been pure madness. We are moving to the frozen north- Wisconsin. We are very excited about the new city and possibilities waiting for us. We are also running like hamsters on wheels, trying to get everything done. It is all at once exhilarating and frightening. I'm trying to stay positive and focus on the big picture- that this will be really great in the long run. 

We needed a break from it all tonight. A few moments of peace and fun and time spent as a family. Bubbles in the park did the trick. We ran and played in the sun-drenched evening air and recharged for the road ahead. 

We sure will miss you, Carolina.

cookie cutters

Here were are making the sugar cookies you saw here and here. Alice did a great job with her tiny cutter and dowel roller. I only had to tell her a few times, not to eat the dough. We made a bit of a mess, but the cookies turned out great and hopefully Alice will enjoy baking as much as I do.