changes abound

Well, Alice grew a mustache. Just kidding- we made our way north and after two days of driving and a three night detour to hang out with family, we arrived at our new home. So. Many. Changes. It's overwhelming, sometimes irritating (hello one bathroom apartment), but always fun with these two. Alice is as silly as ever- talking and singing while Byron and I try to work out the last details of moving across the country. 

We have a little chipmunk friend who scurries across our patio. I've been feeding him bananas. I plan to keep him fat and happy all winter.  He needs a name, and my brain is too fried to come up with one. Any suggestions?


  1. your chipmunk is so cute... how about Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?

    1. Simon it is!!! He ran by the door this morning and took the banana I gave him. We are becoming fast friends.