a white christmas

Well, we had snow so that means it is fully acceptable to put up the tree right? Our collection of ornaments has become quite special over the years. I thought I would share a few of our favorites, old and new. The quilted tree above was hand sewn by my Grandma Niecie. I keep it low on the tree so Alice can touch it and feel the fabric beneath her fingers as my Grandmother once did. 

This is Clara and her Nutcracker. They were two of my favorites as a child. Clara has since lost a foot and the Nutcracker has lost and arm, but they are still very happy together. I always make sure they get hung next to each other.

The Mad Hatter and Alice were gifts from Byron's mother and are some of our newest ornaments. I found the little cheese wedge at Target. It is to commemorate our first Christmas in Wisconsin.

There are at least five cupcakes on our tree. These are my favorite ones, they are so sparkly and darling.

We inherited a beautiful set of Danbury Mint gold ornaments from Byron's Grandparents. They really sparkle with the lights.

The Dorothy ornament is another favorite from my childhood. When you pull the string, her arms and legs move. I found this little owl in a small shop in Micanopy, Florida, the town where my Great Grandmother lived. The stick reminds me of the Florida trees I grew up with.
Do you have favorite ornaments? What are their stories?


  1. Great tree! I have always loved a white tree!
    xo, Lee