life in the north

So, we've been residents of the great state of Wisconsin for about three weeks now. I thought I should update you guys and let you know how things are going. It was really hard leaving our friends behind and our sweet little house (for sale here, if you know anyone who's in the market) for a lot of unknowns, but we made it. Our apartment is a little less than we would have hoped, but it is beginning to feel like a home. My new favorite saying is small space solutions. Surprisingly, we are adjusting to the weather well. 50 is the new 70, as I say. I actually had my car's air conditioner on when the temp read 45 the other day. How about that. I am playing stay-at-home mom as I continue the job search. Alice and I get out of the house everyday and explore. She is such a little trooper, going on errands with me and making me laugh when I need it the most. We are having a great time meeting other moms and kids in the area, everyone is very kind and welcoming. Life up here is the same yet very different from down south. It feels very authentic and casual, if that makes sense. I wear my Packers hoodie every Sunday and eat a lot of custard. The Christmas decorations will be going up this weekend, before the first snow of the season. We have our collection of winter clothes, wool socks, and boots ready. Every once in a while, I forget I'm in Wisconsin, then I see a map on the news or something and realize just how far north we really are. It's kinda crazy. There are a lot of things we love about our new home and a few things we are still getting used to. But, we have each other and plenty of laughs to keep us going. Wish us luck- rumor has it snow is on its way. 
Winter is coming.


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I just found your blog while looking for other NC bloggers to connect with. ARGH!

    Well, here's hoping you have wonderful adventures in your new home and state. Enjoy!

    1. Awww, too bad. Thanks for checking my blog out anyways.

  2. i'm glad you are enjoying your new home, even though i miss you terribly. at least there are sure to be lots of cute pics of alice all super cute bundled up in her snow gear! can't wait to see what the christmas decorations look like!