When I was really little, like Alice's age, my parents brought me to Wisconsin to meet family. We visited my Great-Aunt Dorothy's farm. I have vague, cloudy memories of snow, vast fields and long walks. It has been a long time since that visit and now we are living in Wisconsin instead of visiting. We are so thankful to be close to family. The welcoming warmth of a Thanksgiving meal cooked, in part, by my Grandmother is something I am very pleased to share with Alice. 

Dinner was casual and relaxed and we stuffed ourselves full. It was beautiful.

I've always loved the way the holidays look in movies. Snow on the ground outside and warm light inside. Our Thanksgiving night was like that. Alice had a wonderful time visiting with my Grandparents, her Great-Grandparents. She ran around the house, kept everyone laughing and sang to us at the table. I hope she will have a memory of the night. Even if it's just a foggy recollection of warmth and love and thankfulness.


  1. Emily, these photos are just beautiful, and you really captured the touching dynamic between your family members. Reminds me of my family. So precious. You are so lucky to still have your grandparents with you. Mine are all gone now, but I have wonderful memories of times like Thanksgiving to make me smile. My grandmother was a wonderful cook, too. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Paulette. It really is something special to see my grandparents with Alice. She is a lucky gal to have them around.