december photo challenge days 19-24

 19. tree topper

20. merry and bright

21. your view right now

22. red

23. presents under the tree

24. favorite holiday tradition

snow angels

We sure did have a white Christmas. It snowed Christmas eve as we were all tucked in for the night and even more on Christmas day. So. Much. Snow. I love it!

We got all bundled up and played in it for a bit. It was so deep Alice couldn't walk, but it made for good snow angels.

Alice just liked to eat it.

christmas morning

My sweet little girl made this Christmas so special. This year, she got it. She was so surprised to see her new kitchen and open her presents. She laughed and giggled and acted super silly all day. It was amazing!

My Byron did real good this year. He wasn't supposed to get me anything because he took me to the Milwaukee Ballet's The Nutcracker a few days ago. He totally surprised me with my very own dragon egg cookie jar. I think he was inspired by my 'Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?" quiz results. Obviously I got Daenerys Targaryen.

My parents made the trek north to spend Christmas with us and I made us all dress alike. They are such good sports.

Alice is so happy to have her grandparents here for the holidays.

We made an inordinate amount of sugar cookies. I got tired of cutting them so I made the last bit of dough into pieces for a house. It's kind of lopsided, but still charming.

I hope all your Christmas dreams came true this year.

hello yellow

Alice is now 2 years old, which she will emphatically tell you, if you ask. She is also obsessed with yellow. If she sees other colors and no yellow she will ask, "Where'd yellow go?" It's pretty cute. She just doesn't understand why there would ever not be yellow. So, for her birthday we threw her a yellow party. Yellow everything! She loved it!

Everyone even wore yellow! Alice was pleased.

Even Mimi got to party.

Dada helped blow out the candle and Alice was very excited to have her own piece if cake. 

It was a bright, sunshiny kind of day for our silly little girl. I can't believe she's 2 already!

We made a playlist of hello yellow themed songs and a few others that fit the mood.

magic in the air

Santa came to the Third Ward a few weeks ago and we braved the cold to meet him. It was seriously cold, like layers and numb fingers and Alice wearing a puffer vest under her coat cold. We ate cupcakes- they were frozen. I'm not kidding. It's really cold here.

Reindeer seem to like the cold. They are smaller than I thought they would be, with fluffy feet and really big antlers. Aren't they just magical?! I love them so!

"Who you callin' fluffy?"

Alice was nervous to meet Santa, I don't think she remembered him from last year. She was calm for about 5 seconds, luckily I'm a quick shot! She recovered with a cupcake. A sparkly, magical cupcake! 

We spent the rest of the morning darting in shops for warmth and snacks. It really was...cold, and magical!

december photo challenge days 13-18

13. ornaments

14. joy

15. favorite holiday movie

16. wreath

17. a beautiful sight 

18. Holiday outfit

december photo-a-day challenge 7-12

7. baking cookies

8. stockings

9. cozy

10. wrapping gifts/ gift wrap

11. Christmas music

12. cup of hot cocoa or cider

nails of the week: holidays huh

Ugh, what a week. I have spent the last 5 days on the couch while Alice ran circles around the apartment. The worst it was- she got into the wrapping paper and destroyed three rolls. Paper. Everywhere. Me on the couch. Eyes closed. At least I could hear her little crinkling footsteps so I knew where she was. #parenting

Stupid unnamed virus that will only get better with time. Don't they know it's Christmas/ Alice's birthday/ family coming into town and I have no groceries and I haven't showered- there's no time to be sick. Where's the tylenol? 

Please excuse my fever-induced, mild, holiday panic rant. I am on the mend and Alice is contained in her cage crib for the moment. My headache has abated enough for me to use the computer so, I'm Back! I did my nails too. I'll show that virus who's boss.*

*No I won't. I have the utmost respect for all cold and flu viruses. They have the power, they have control. I only ask that they leave me alone for at least six more months.

saturday morning sprinkles

I think one of my favorite things about moving to a new place is finding the old standbys. You know, the places that are your default locations for takeout Chinese food, greasy pizza, and Saturday morning doughnuts. That's where Cranky Al comes in.

I didn't experience any crankiness, but I did get this amazing, sprinkled bite of heaven. The dough is soft and sweet and the coffee is hot. Sounds like we found our default doughnut destination.