christmas morning

My sweet little girl made this Christmas so special. This year, she got it. She was so surprised to see her new kitchen and open her presents. She laughed and giggled and acted super silly all day. It was amazing!

My Byron did real good this year. He wasn't supposed to get me anything because he took me to the Milwaukee Ballet's The Nutcracker a few days ago. He totally surprised me with my very own dragon egg cookie jar. I think he was inspired by my 'Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?" quiz results. Obviously I got Daenerys Targaryen.

My parents made the trek north to spend Christmas with us and I made us all dress alike. They are such good sports.

Alice is so happy to have her grandparents here for the holidays.

We made an inordinate amount of sugar cookies. I got tired of cutting them so I made the last bit of dough into pieces for a house. It's kind of lopsided, but still charming.

I hope all your Christmas dreams came true this year.

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