Sometimes I have the most random pictures on my camera. Just little moments throughout the day that made me stop and take notice. These are a few select ones from the past few weeks. 

Whenever Alice and I go out during the day she insists on getting her picture taken by this wall. Her little voice saying 'pictews' is too cute, so I usually (ok, always) oblige.

I love the neighborhood streets in Wisconsin. The little bungalow style houses and tree-lined streets are picture perfect Americana. 
P.S. They are even cuter covered in snow. 

 I went to a Rummage (that's a Yard Sale for you southern folk) and scored a boatload of warm clothes for Alice. This pink sweater makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, Alice seems to like it too.

We have had quite a few cloudy winter days lately. Every glimpse of that sweet blue sky is worth remembering.

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