magic in the air

Santa came to the Third Ward a few weeks ago and we braved the cold to meet him. It was seriously cold, like layers and numb fingers and Alice wearing a puffer vest under her coat cold. We ate cupcakes- they were frozen. I'm not kidding. It's really cold here.

Reindeer seem to like the cold. They are smaller than I thought they would be, with fluffy feet and really big antlers. Aren't they just magical?! I love them so!

"Who you callin' fluffy?"

Alice was nervous to meet Santa, I don't think she remembered him from last year. She was calm for about 5 seconds, luckily I'm a quick shot! She recovered with a cupcake. A sparkly, magical cupcake! 

We spent the rest of the morning darting in shops for warmth and snacks. It really was...cold, and magical!

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