nails of the week: holidays huh

Ugh, what a week. I have spent the last 5 days on the couch while Alice ran circles around the apartment. The worst it was- she got into the wrapping paper and destroyed three rolls. Paper. Everywhere. Me on the couch. Eyes closed. At least I could hear her little crinkling footsteps so I knew where she was. #parenting

Stupid unnamed virus that will only get better with time. Don't they know it's Christmas/ Alice's birthday/ family coming into town and I have no groceries and I haven't showered- there's no time to be sick. Where's the tylenol? 

Please excuse my fever-induced, mild, holiday panic rant. I am on the mend and Alice is contained in her cage crib for the moment. My headache has abated enough for me to use the computer so, I'm Back! I did my nails too. I'll show that virus who's boss.*

*No I won't. I have the utmost respect for all cold and flu viruses. They have the power, they have control. I only ask that they leave me alone for at least six more months.

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