hot chocolate

I guess the whole Polar Vortex thing is happening again. That's fun. Although is it a good excuse to sit around in pj's and drink hot chocolate. Which is exactly how we are spending our afternoons until the temps climb back to...well, at this point 10 degrees would bring some relief. 

Alice really likes hot chocolate. And marshmallows. They're the best part.

As we say in Wisconsin, stay warm.

winter blah

It's hard blogging from Wisconsin. The sun sets at 4:30 and it's too cold to do anything but sit on the couch in a robe. I'm still here and i'm trying to take pictures when I can. Everything has that grey, salt covered, snow piled haze to it. Winter...blah. At least it's pretty when the snow falls. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of snow. The big fluffy flakes that fall slowly and dance in the air are my favorite. A few days ago there was snow where each flake fell by itself, some perfectly intact and some broken. I saw one that looked just like a ships wheel. That kind of snow piles up quick and the air looks like glitter when it falls. We even had 3D snow. Each little snowflake was 3D instead of flat and the spikes on them were fat and puffed. I wonder if anyone else notices these things. I watch the flakes on my windshield while I wait at red lights. It's peaceful and I love when I can see details of the flakes. Maybe it's a Florida thing, being so fascinated with snow. Maybe I'm just weird. Anyhew, January is almost over and from what i've heard, March will show us the first bit of spring.

the ice coast

The Polar Vortex was brutal in Wisconsin, but it left behind some beautiful ice on Lake Michigan. I have never seen anything like the thick slabs of ice on rock and the slow swirling as they floated away from the coast.

tea time for alice

This memory is one of my favorites from this past holiday season. I took my mom and Alice out to tea. We dined at Watts Tea Shop and managed to feel pretty fancy. Alice loved her little sandwiches and her pink tea. We loved watching her little hands, with painted nails of course, grip the teacup. It was the best! Their famous Sunshine Cake was pretty good too.

mimi's christmas

Poor Mimi (given name: Rosy. AKA Mrs. Poses). First we had a baby, then we moved her to the frigid north lands. She will be ten years old this year, the old gal. She is no longer doted upon like she used to be, pre-Alice, but we still love her so. She is a cuddler, a lap sitter, a seat warmer and a big part of our little family. Alice can't get enough of her. Here is a little glimpse at Mimi's Christmas.

She got a whole bag of busy bones and spent half the day chewing away. This might be the happiest she's been in quite some time.

Just like me and my Dad, she shows the Packers some love.

I love you, little Mimi. You will always be my tiny.

my daughter dresses better than me: red coats

My parents came to visit over Christmas and wouldn't you know... Alice and her Grandma had matching red coats! Color me jealous!

But I do have this sweet aztec print sweater. I had been looking everywhere for such a piece, especially since I didn't want to pay more than $20 for one. I'm cheap thrifty like that. 

I might need to keep my eye out for a red coat! Aren't they cute?

Alice's coat was a gift and I found the sweater of my dreams at Kohls.

december photo challenge days 25-31

25. morning

26. bundled up

27. fun

28. scarf

29. smiles with a friend

30. night

31. New Year's Eve

a study of snow

How about that polar vortex? Temperatures here reached -15 which is a noticeable difference from 1. It's a painful cold, even when bundled up. I'm glad it's over. That Arctic air needs to stay put. 
Anyways, enough about the weather. We are all moved in to our new place and we love it. Now that we have the internet back I can post a backlog of holiday pics. Hope you don't mind. 
We shall begin with these pics of snow. I sure do love the snow in Wisconsin. I especially love the big, clumpy flakes when they fall and the way you can see each little snowflake.

new year's 2014: optimism

I love reading through everyone's New Year posts. Goals and dreams listed, everything so optimistic. It really feels like a clean slate. This New Year's I am trying to look forward to 2014 and leave 2013 in the dust. It was a doozy of a year for us, but I'd rather not get into that. I like this little space to be a place of smiles and happiness, optimism and laughter. That's not to say that bad things don't happen to us, they sure do. But I like the silver linings, the blue sky and the big plans for the days to come. 2014 brings for us a new home, a new job starting, and hopefully some better luck. I am looking forward to making new friends, getting some exercise, writing a little everyday, being in a wedding, and all the little moments in-between that will make the year special. Now, if you will excuse me I need to go pack some boxes. If you're curious, we are moving again because of a leak in our ceiling. Like Byron said, 'If we can move from NC to WI in two weeks, we can move across town in two days.' Like I said, optimism.