mimi's christmas

Poor Mimi (given name: Rosy. AKA Mrs. Poses). First we had a baby, then we moved her to the frigid north lands. She will be ten years old this year, the old gal. She is no longer doted upon like she used to be, pre-Alice, but we still love her so. She is a cuddler, a lap sitter, a seat warmer and a big part of our little family. Alice can't get enough of her. Here is a little glimpse at Mimi's Christmas.

She got a whole bag of busy bones and spent half the day chewing away. This might be the happiest she's been in quite some time.

Just like me and my Dad, she shows the Packers some love.

I love you, little Mimi. You will always be my tiny.


  1. Our precious granddog.

  2. aww, i miss mimi so. luckily she left her "dorito" scent on my favorite blanket, so i just give it a little sniff from time to time when i'm really missing you guys :) is that weird?

    1. I think that's totally normal.