the ice coast

The Polar Vortex was brutal in Wisconsin, but it left behind some beautiful ice on Lake Michigan. I have never seen anything like the thick slabs of ice on rock and the slow swirling as they floated away from the coast.


  1. Amazing photos, especially the first and the last one. I love the middle one with the trees in a line as well. We've had a mild winter, even now with the snow it's rather mild, only a few degrees below zero (celsius).

    1. Thanks so much! I am jealous of your mild winter. I'm really looking forward to Spring.

    2. Yes, this winter is perfect to me! I love having snow, but I don't like when it's too cold. -4 C is perfect.
      I've learned about the northern US states from "Little house on the prairie" and other stuff, that it can get extremely cold there, and I read a few blogs from Canada. They've had some extreme weathers while we had rain...