my skincare rountine

Hey, that's me. Just out of the shower, no make-up, no photoshop, no filters (good light though). It's taken me a while to find a skin care routine that is a) cheap b) not drying c) helpful with random breakouts and d) dare I use the word age-approriate (you know, anti-wrinkle and all). These are the products that I love and keep going back to.

This lotion is the best! Seriously, the best! It is gentle enough to use on your face and even babies! It has saved my (and Alice's) sensitive skin from the dry winter air. Even better, you can get it at the drugstore for around $8. 
My BFF told me about the wonders of Vaseline lip therapy. This is the best lip balm I have ever used. It has really saved my lips this winter. It's thick like vaseline and really stays on my lips throughout the day. The cocoa butter flavor is really cozy too. Oh and the sale price, $1!

This is the only face wash I have ever loved. I originally purchased it because it was the cheapest option ($5). I have really sensitive skin and I tend to get lovely little bumps around my jawline, cheeks and chin. The formula is gentle and not drying at all and the little scrubber really removes makeup (even mascara) and icky oils.
Now, lets talk about those pesky bumps. I did a lot of research a few years ago after a not-helpful visit to the dermatologist, a trial of proactive and no solution to my skin issues. Between the internet and a very nice lady at Sephora, I found the combination of ingredients that really fixed my issues. 

Glycolic acid, vitamin A and benzol peroxide seem to be the magic formula to keep my skin clear and smooth. After washing my face at night, I use a toner containing glycolic acid (this is a great one too) and a lotion with retinol (vitamin A). Both of these keep zits away and help with those premature wrinkles. The derma e brand is one I found at a health food store (it was on sale- I don't think I paid more than $6 for the toner and $11 for the cream) and I really love it. If I do have any zits or bumps I put a little benzol peroxide on them before bed.
That's all there is to it!

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  1. GLYCOLIC ACID? I have a little bottle,10%. OUCH! I feel like a candle. Sounds like a horror movie to me. "Candleman" No relation to Candyman.