Now that I have your attention... more from Eataly. I kept hearing about this place and I thought it was only in NYC. Nope, Chicago too!
*jumping up and down with immense joy*

The place is like a mall of Italian food. There are numerous restaurants, bars for eating and drinking, coolers full of handmade cheese and fresh meats, produce, kitchen wares, even Nutella. The best part- it tastes even better than it looks!

We ate at the pasta and pizza area. It was bustling and loud- perfect for a couple with a two year old. Let me set the scene- After hours walking around the city streets with Alice, who was about an hour past nap time and moving into bad mood territory, we settled in for a quick lunch. One bite of this pasta slowed time. I swear! It tasted like a walk in the sweet spring air. I think it was the mint butter sauce.

Alice liked that the ravioli looked like flowers (good mood restored). The taste was incredible and begged for us to slow down and savor the day. Byron had the seafood pasta, which was hearty and nuanced and unlike anything i've ever tasted.

You really could spend hours just walking around Eataly.

So, so good!

big city

When we moved to Wisconsin six months ago (seriously? It's been six months?!?!), we were super excited to get to Chicago and explore the big city right in our backyard. After a little road trip, we pretty much ate our way through the city. It was awesome! I can't wait to go back for more!

Oh Eataly! Yowza! I can't even...the pasta...the gelato. This has to go down as one of the best meals we've ever shared. I have many more pics of this amazing establishment. I'll leave you with the gelato (tiramisu and raspberry), for now.

 Also, these two! We really got Alice excited about the big city on the car ride there. She walked the streets like a real city gal and loved all the sights and sounds.

On the way home we talked about all the things we saw and ate in the big city. We told Alice how we were glad to be getting home after the long day. After an explanation about how nice it is to be home after a day away, she agreed and expressed her need for a bubble bath and to sit on the couch. Man, she's so funny.


Life has its ups and downs. When you get to the bottom, just climb back up and do it all over again.

Also, Byron is the best dad.

red elephant chocolate

Last year the Easter Bunny visit did not go well. There was screaming and tears. This year we did it a little different and it was awesome! There was chocolate, lots of chocolate. Chocolate for Dada. Chocolate coffee for Momma and Grandpa/PopPop. Salted caramel chocolates for Grandma/Baba. And, a chocolate cookie for Alice. It was melty and messy and oh, such a great morning.

The Easter Bunny along with the wonderful folks at Red Elephant Chocolate showed Alice where all that yummy chocolate comes from. They had coloring and guessing games and even a kids club to join. Oh yeah, and the treats!!!

We had such a wonderful time just hanging out in the candy shop, playing peekaboo with the Elephant, and eating all that chocolate.

A successful 2014 Easter Bunny visit! Made all the more special with Baba and PopPop.

my daughter dresses better than me: city blues

We may dress in blues, but we are happy as can be! The sun has come out and we are starting to explore this new city we now call home.

We spent a lovely Saturday browsing through vintage furniture, kitsch and books in Bay View. There are so may cute shops and restaurants, we didn't have time for them all.

The weather was so nice, we didn't need jackets. No puffy coats and endless knitted accessories! We just layered a few old favorite, comfy items and were out the door.

The children's section of this book store was straight out of a Wes Anderson film!

Also, Alice sticks her tongue out in every picture. I like her style!

nails of the week: bunnies

We saw the Easter Bunny last weekend. Alice calls him Bugs Bunny. I see how it can be confusing. Either way, bunnies are super cute. I love their little noses and their soft fur. Even better when they bring candy! I hope you have a Hoppy Easter! Anyways, here are my bunny nails. This was a pretty quick design to do. Instead of painting the whole nail- just do the top half. I then used the bottle brush to paint two strokes for the ears. A tiny nail brush worked well for the details. Alice loves my bunny nails. She keeps asking me to do hers.

nails colors: black patent, superstar and what's the daffodilly-o?

a little fairy

I believe in glitter. Wearing pink ruffles. Pinning flowers in our hair. Sparkly shoes. And magic.
I believe in fairies!

We spent a morning at The Domes for their Very Fairy Princess Day. Every little girl (and mom and Grandma) dressed up, in fairy princess finery. 

The Domes were transformed into a magical world of gnomes, fortune telling wizards and of course fairies. Little fairies everywhere.

Magical wands were made and tiny fairy secrets were told.

There were also cookies. Salted brown butter cookies. Like I said, magic!

The Domes are a wonderful place to visit, even of you leave your wings at home.

millwaukee art museum: our favorites

Here are a few of our favorite things from the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The children's area is a playground for little artists. Everything is meant to be touched and explored. This little artist sure did love the drawing tables.

I love the contrast of this huge red wall and all the gold framed art. 

Alice climbing the bean stalk.

And of course, yellow art and a yellow chair.

milwaukee art museum

These pics are pretty old. I took them before the first snow fall. We are currently suffering our last (fingers crossed) snowfall.

She sure grows fast.