a little fairy

I believe in glitter. Wearing pink ruffles. Pinning flowers in our hair. Sparkly shoes. And magic.
I believe in fairies!

We spent a morning at The Domes for their Very Fairy Princess Day. Every little girl (and mom and Grandma) dressed up, in fairy princess finery. 

The Domes were transformed into a magical world of gnomes, fortune telling wizards and of course fairies. Little fairies everywhere.

Magical wands were made and tiny fairy secrets were told.

There were also cookies. Salted brown butter cookies. Like I said, magic!

The Domes are a wonderful place to visit, even of you leave your wings at home.


  1. I love those fairy wings!!!! I would have loved to visit the Princess day too! I love everything fairytale-like. What a wonderful idea.
    I have a feeling you've changed your blog design too. Have you? It looks really nice however!

    1. I did change my design. I wanted something more simple that would better showcase my photos.