black sheep

Byron and I continued our morning date at this place, Black Sheep. Child-free brunch on a Sunday, this was a treat.

I'm not a big drinker, but I do love a well crafted cocktail beverage on a special occasion. This one drew the attention of some other patrons, it was so pretty! I highly recommend the 216 S. Reed. It was light and tart and the perfect pairing to my salty baked eggs.

This was Byron's face when he realized the beef stick was a straw! #sconsin

These would be the baked eggs. Oh, the cheesy, hammy, saltiness of them was to die for. There was spinach too, to make it a well balanced meal.

Baa, baa Black Sheep.

We will be taking Alice back here, she is obsessed with that rhyme. Yes sir. Yes sir.

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