Now that I have your attention... more from Eataly. I kept hearing about this place and I thought it was only in NYC. Nope, Chicago too!
*jumping up and down with immense joy*

The place is like a mall of Italian food. There are numerous restaurants, bars for eating and drinking, coolers full of handmade cheese and fresh meats, produce, kitchen wares, even Nutella. The best part- it tastes even better than it looks!

We ate at the pasta and pizza area. It was bustling and loud- perfect for a couple with a two year old. Let me set the scene- After hours walking around the city streets with Alice, who was about an hour past nap time and moving into bad mood territory, we settled in for a quick lunch. One bite of this pasta slowed time. I swear! It tasted like a walk in the sweet spring air. I think it was the mint butter sauce.

Alice liked that the ravioli looked like flowers (good mood restored). The taste was incredible and begged for us to slow down and savor the day. Byron had the seafood pasta, which was hearty and nuanced and unlike anything i've ever tasted.

You really could spend hours just walking around Eataly.

So, so good!

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