one trick pony

I saw this awesome poster in a restaurant bathroom and was super excited to go to a vintage flea market! Midwest kitsch is kind of my new favorite thing! Even better, my parents were in town and hung out with Alice so Byron and I could have a little morning date.

We were skeptical of this flea market being in a coffee shop. I mean really, how much vintage can you fit in a coffee shop? The answer is, a lot! This place was huge! More like coffee warehouse of awesomeness and pretty things!

I have a serious lack of cute juice pitchers. How pretty are all of these sitting in the morning sun?

This booth by Alt's Antiques was incredible. He is clearly a purveyor of the odd and unique. Like glass syringes and teeth (I count a bleached pelican bone as one of my cherished possessions so clearly I like weird things too). Everything is displayed in small collections, begging to be touched. I can't wait to see what else he has in his shop.

Vintage hats with feathers. Le sigh.

So may pretty things to see and touch. Nothing came home with us this time, but we enjoyed the morning immensely. 

Also, as if vintage stuff, coffee and sunshine wasn't enough, they had a DJ who played the good music (like the new Against Me). Even Byron was impressed.


  1. le sigh is right!! those hats! thank god for restaurant bathroom posters :)