red elephant chocolate

Last year the Easter Bunny visit did not go well. There was screaming and tears. This year we did it a little different and it was awesome! There was chocolate, lots of chocolate. Chocolate for Dada. Chocolate coffee for Momma and Grandpa/PopPop. Salted caramel chocolates for Grandma/Baba. And, a chocolate cookie for Alice. It was melty and messy and oh, such a great morning.

The Easter Bunny along with the wonderful folks at Red Elephant Chocolate showed Alice where all that yummy chocolate comes from. They had coloring and guessing games and even a kids club to join. Oh yeah, and the treats!!!

We had such a wonderful time just hanging out in the candy shop, playing peekaboo with the Elephant, and eating all that chocolate.

A successful 2014 Easter Bunny visit! Made all the more special with Baba and PopPop.