date day

The stars aligned for Byron and I. He won baseball tickets and I had a day off work to go with him to the game! We had such an amazing day. The tickets were incredible- right behind home plate. I don't really care for baseball on TV, but in person (and so close) it was pretty exciting.

Also, Miller Park is food heaven! We started with brats and ended with nachos.

People in Milwaukee sure do love their Brewers. For a noon day game- the place was packed. It kind of left me wondering who was running the city if everyone was at the park.

Bernie Brewer gets to go down this slide whenever they hit a home run. It's pretty funny.

We took a walk around the park, mainly to check out all the food options, and stopped by the club (Byron wins all the best stuff) for the view.

This is everyone's favorite part, the sausage race. 

That's them. They are racing sausages. Here you see the bratwurst in the lead, with the chorizo right on his tail. There is also an Italian sausage, a Polish sausage and a hot dog. I always thought they kinda ran for fun- but these guys were flying. Sausages don't play.

And the best part- the Brewers won! It was all kinds of exciting. Bases loaded, crowd on their feet. Cheers and fireworks. I hope we can go back soon! 
Go Brewers!!!

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