kid in a candy store

If you drive from Wisconsin to Ohio, you pass through Merrillville, Indiana. This is important, as there is a candy factory where gummy bears are made in a gingerbread house. No, really. I read about this place in the latest issue of Midwest Living (it's like Southern Living- but in the midwest). Seriously. The best gummy candies ever!

This road trip pit stop is no disappointment. So much candy. All kinds of candy. Cheap candy. Really good candy. Normal gummies, mess-up gummies, salted caramels, and old fashioned candies are all for sale at the Albanese candy factory and outlet. We went a little nuts! 

My favorites were these mess-up caramel coated marshmallows. Apparently the caramel was a bit too hard for Albanese standards. I found no such problems- they were amazing, like pillows of chewy perfection.

If you find yourself in Merrillville, Indiana, pull over and fill up on candy. The gummies really are the best!

They ship their candy too (with ice packs- lest the chocolate melts). I recommend the salted caramels and all varieties of gummies. Come on, you know you want some!