I cannot express, in words, the joy that Kopps brings me. It's the best! Like, the best of the best! There is no other 'ice cream' quite like Kopps custard. It's creamy and rich and their flavors!!! It's time I let you in on my Kopps obsession. 

1. They release their monthly flavor list on the 1st of every month. Each day has two flavors.
2. I write in my calendar which days are custard days- the must-get, can't-miss flavors.
3. If by some twist of fate, we can't get there on a custard day, (this is a Kopps secret- so don't go telling everyone) you can still buy a pint the day after (they save the leftover deliciousness).

Byron actually made fun of me for taking these pictures. We are there all the time. Now, lest you think all this custard eating is putting on the pounds. I have a theory about that too. 

1. Why order dessert at a restaurant when there is Kopps.
2. Why buy grocery store ice cream when there is Kopps.
3. Why make cookies, pie or cakes when there is Kopps.
Now you see.

Byron is such a good dad to share his Kopps. This was strawberry cheesecake. The scoop at the top is their Bunny Hop (raspberry and marshmallow with Chambord and chocolate chunks).

This is the typical all gone, no-more-Kopps, sad face. Until the next custard day, of course.


  1. Wonderful ice creamy images!

    1. Thanks so much. I love when they have pink flavors.

  2. I love the sign! That's some really good lettering.