the swamp

I grew up in a swamp. Well, my mom likes to call it 'the pond.' It always looked like a swamp to me. It's a mucky mess of black mud and algae covered water, but it's home and I love it. 

This is the backyard of the house I grew up in. My parents worked so hard to make this yard a magical mix of nature and home. It's so tranquil, I needed to take some pics to keep close. 

We never had any gators in the swamp, but plenty of other creatures made their way through the yard. Snapping turtles, lizards, skinks, possums, armadillos, a golden raccoon, and a very angry boar. True. Story.

The most amazing part? The neighbors put up a bat house, so for the first time ever, there are no mosquitos!

Still plenty of spiders, though.


  1. Beautiful home sweet home

  2. You grew up in a swamp. I grew up in a zoo,the one in hometown Asheboro. I'm sure swamps and zoos are more tranquil than out here.
    I hope to be out of the lab before X-mas. Can't take it anymore.

  3. you know... of all the years i've known you, i don't think i've ever seen "the swamp". i guess we just spent too much time at maude's and laying at the pool to pay it any attention, haha.

    1. Haha. The pond/ swamp shrinks depending on rain. It seemed a lot smaller back in the day. But there was always the black muck.