organ piper pizza

I kept hearing about this place, Organ Piper Pizza, and what a great place it was to take kids. Um, more like what a great place it is to take, well- me! It's a pizza restaurant with an organ player who takes requests and everyone is encouraged to sing along. Food and unlimited show tunes. Dream. Come. True.

The organ lights up too! Kids just run around and dance in between breaks for pizza. This is all encouraged and really, really fun!

When we first walked in he was playing Let It Go. The whole place was singing!!! Byron was a bit overwhelmed, but I like being anywhere where it is acceptable to sing in public. The organ guy was really remarkable. He played everything from Annie songs to Lady Gaga.

Alice was hilarious. As soon as she saw other kinds dancing she wanted out of her chair and on the floor. We had a table right by the dance floor- so we just let her go. She had the best time!

nails of the week: summer green

I've been a real slacker with painting my nails lately. Summer in Wisconsin is just too awesome. There are so many things to do and places to go and foods to eat. We get home late (well, late for parents and a 2.5 year old) and I fall asleep on the couch instead of getting out the polish. I did have time for this quick mani. I've really been feeling the metallic polish lately. Something kinda different than the usual summer brights. I painted one coat of Flower's April Showers and topped it with one coat of OPI Just Spotted the Lizard.


There is a place in Cincinnati called Senate. It's amazing. Like trailer park hot dog amazing. That's a thing. We ate ridiculous amounts of food and hung out in the cool neighborhood. Not bad for a couple of parents and crazy kiddos.

How about that lobster shirt? We couldn't resist.

That there is a bologna sandwich. Yeah.

This is the trailer park hot dog. It comes sprinkled with Grippos, a local delicacy.

More cuteness!

Byron went for the Korean dog.

Alice loves potstickers (I do too). These were unbelievable. All the tastes!!! 

I had a salad. You know- to be healthy. JK. This was a bacon, egg and potato delicious pile of love.

And lobster mac'n cheese. If you find yourself in the Cincy city- go to Senate!
Rumor has it Guy Fieri stopped there for a future episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.


So, you know how you get kids in matching Elmo pajamas then try to take a posed pic with all the Elmos in the house. Yeah. Never got that perfect posed pic- but these were pretty cute anyways. I think Elmo may have been moving and talking on his own throughout this process. Also, I feel like the plural of Elmo should just be Elmo. Is that weird?

And the end.

water table

Alice and her cousin, JP, had a fun little time playing at the water table. Alice has been waiting to get her hands on this thing since JP got it for his birthday. It was a really hot day, so we splashed and played and tried to stay in the shade. (Rhyming....yeah.)

Oh how Alice loves a good spray toy. It was so hot- I didn't really mind.

Also, random pic of Byron. He's pretty great.


There was some serious lightning bug action in my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's backyard. Standing on the porch, it looked like camera flashes at some giant sports event. I played around with my camera and was able to get these pictures of the bioluminescent show.

I love the clusters of light where the bugs lit up repeatedly. Pretty cool stuff. Also, reminds me of The X-Files episode Darkness Falls.

jungle jims

Whenever we visit Byron's brother Bradley (say that five times fast) and his family, we make our way to Jungle Jim's. It's the biggest, craziest, most bizarre grocery store ever and they have everything! I stock up on curries (panang and massaman). Byron likes the weird sodas and the candy castle (they have a candy castle!!!) and the jerky. 

The typical stuff and the not so typical stuff.

 So much candy!!! Isn't it pretty?!?!

Also, these two cuties. They shared snacks, held hands and even wore matching shoes! Can't. Take. The. Cute.

Seriously. So. Cute.

This is the old Alice-snatch-and-grab. You gotta watch that girl around registers.

Have you ever been to Jungle Jim's? We could spend hours in there! We're weird like that.

11 weird things parents say

You really have no idea how silly our lives became after we had Alice. Granted, we were pretty silly people before, but she brings out all sorts of crazy, loopy-loo behavior and sayings. We have been keeping track of the weirdest things we've said to Alice and I am very pleased to share them with you here. We had strict requirements as to what made the list. These were all actual phrases, stated in actual situations- no funny-on-purpose stuff. I hope you enjoy.

1. "Don't put the banana in the suitcase."

2. "Why is there pancake on the windowsill?"

3. "Don't eat the kitty."

4. "Don't put your brioche in your hair."

5. "You got turkey on your bloomers."

6. "Don't put your people in the trash."

7. "You don't grab people."

8. "Alice be patient, I have to put away the goulash."

9. "Don't throw Ahiga (one of her people) at Mimi."

10. "That's not a dinosaur, that's Sicily."

11. "Don't eat the refrigerator." 


Alice had her first dental visit and she did so well! She's been practicing brushing and her favorite, the swish and spit, for a few months now. She was all excited to see the dentist and this place did not disappoint. We were in the pet shop room, hence the animal signs, and the dentist was a huge Frozen fan. We talked of Elsa and Anna while Alice relaxed and then they got down to business. All good things, all good things.

The best part- goodies! We left with sidewalk chalk and a new toothbrush! She's getting to be such a big girl.

bastille days

Oh, how I long to be in Paris. All the art and lights and food!!! Maybe one day our little family will cross the Atlantic and step foot on French soil. Until then we have Bastille Days, Milwaukee's own celebration of French revolution and independence. During Bastille Days, Cathedral square becomes a little corner of Paris. Street performers, artists and all sorts of restaurants come out to celebrate everything that is French. They even have not one, but two, Eiffel Towers.

It was a hot, sticky day (a rarity for Wisconsin) but we walked the street, sampled the french fare, and people watched.

So many baguettes!

Chocolate mousse crepes, c'est merveilleux!

The Milwaukee Ballet School was even on hand giving lessons and tutus. Alice was a bit out of sorts (no nap), but she was very excited about her tutu and crown.

There was so much for kids to do! She painted while Byron fetched the beignets. 
Oh. Mon. Dieu. The Beignets!!!

Vive La France!