11 weird things parents say

You really have no idea how silly our lives became after we had Alice. Granted, we were pretty silly people before, but she brings out all sorts of crazy, loopy-loo behavior and sayings. We have been keeping track of the weirdest things we've said to Alice and I am very pleased to share them with you here. We had strict requirements as to what made the list. These were all actual phrases, stated in actual situations- no funny-on-purpose stuff. I hope you enjoy.

1. "Don't put the banana in the suitcase."

2. "Why is there pancake on the windowsill?"

3. "Don't eat the kitty."

4. "Don't put your brioche in your hair."

5. "You got turkey on your bloomers."

6. "Don't put your people in the trash."

7. "You don't grab people."

8. "Alice be patient, I have to put away the goulash."

9. "Don't throw Ahiga (one of her people) at Mimi."

10. "That's not a dinosaur, that's Sicily."

11. "Don't eat the refrigerator." 


  1. "Don't put your brioche in your hair" has to be my favorite!

  2. 2, 4 and 10 are the best!