a little TLC

The day we returned from Florida I had this amazing little box waiting for me. With all that happened I had completely forgot about it. It was just the surprise I needed. Influenster is an online community of people who review products and provide opinions to companies. It's pretty cool. Seriously, they sent me gelato. Each box has a theme that they to match members based on lifestyle and likes. They've done a pretty good job with me so far. This box was for moms, to give us a little TLC and a helping hand. My favorite was the gelato and pack of puffs tissues. Much. Needed. Those little tissues also went with me to see The Fault in Our Stars. Lets talk about this gelato though. You know I'm a Kopps girl. A custard lover, if you will. I don't usually buy grocery store ice cream. However, tiramisu is pretty much my most favorite dessert of all time and this ain't your hard packed grocery store ice cream. It's really rich and creamy and managed to stay that way even after a week in the freezer! Great job Breyers! Other fun voxbox goodies are Ivory soap- which we will be microwaving and forming into happy snowmen! Also, the neosporin to go has come in handy- Alice is about as graceful as I am (translate- lots of falls and bumps on the playground). Thanks Influenster! Can't wait till my next voxbox!

I received all the products complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.


  1. i'm definitely going to have to try some of that gelato. who would've thought you could find decent gelato in your grocery store freezer?

    1. Also, I saw some thing where you pour coffee over gelato. Um, we need to try that too!