bastille days

Oh, how I long to be in Paris. All the art and lights and food!!! Maybe one day our little family will cross the Atlantic and step foot on French soil. Until then we have Bastille Days, Milwaukee's own celebration of French revolution and independence. During Bastille Days, Cathedral square becomes a little corner of Paris. Street performers, artists and all sorts of restaurants come out to celebrate everything that is French. They even have not one, but two, Eiffel Towers.

It was a hot, sticky day (a rarity for Wisconsin) but we walked the street, sampled the french fare, and people watched.

So many baguettes!

Chocolate mousse crepes, c'est merveilleux!

The Milwaukee Ballet School was even on hand giving lessons and tutus. Alice was a bit out of sorts (no nap), but she was very excited about her tutu and crown.

There was so much for kids to do! She painted while Byron fetched the beignets. 
Oh. Mon. Dieu. The Beignets!!!

Vive La France!


  1. C'est quand un pour cent est tombé à la classe moyenne. Vous savez, le prolétariat et la bourgeoisie et le vol du pain.

  2. mon dieu, indeed! that looks like so much fun! alice is such a cute ballerina! and those baguettes, seriously?

    1. We need to go to Paris. Like, now!