jungle jims

Whenever we visit Byron's brother Bradley (say that five times fast) and his family, we make our way to Jungle Jim's. It's the biggest, craziest, most bizarre grocery store ever and they have everything! I stock up on curries (panang and massaman). Byron likes the weird sodas and the candy castle (they have a candy castle!!!) and the jerky. 

The typical stuff and the not so typical stuff.

 So much candy!!! Isn't it pretty?!?!

Also, these two cuties. They shared snacks, held hands and even wore matching shoes! Can't. Take. The. Cute.

Seriously. So. Cute.

This is the old Alice-snatch-and-grab. You gotta watch that girl around registers.

Have you ever been to Jungle Jim's? We could spend hours in there! We're weird like that.

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  1. Put that back! Love the sock monkey!