organ piper pizza

I kept hearing about this place, Organ Piper Pizza, and what a great place it was to take kids. Um, more like what a great place it is to take, well- me! It's a pizza restaurant with an organ player who takes requests and everyone is encouraged to sing along. Food and unlimited show tunes. Dream. Come. True.

The organ lights up too! Kids just run around and dance in between breaks for pizza. This is all encouraged and really, really fun!

When we first walked in he was playing Let It Go. The whole place was singing!!! Byron was a bit overwhelmed, but I like being anywhere where it is acceptable to sing in public. The organ guy was really remarkable. He played everything from Annie songs to Lady Gaga.

Alice was hilarious. As soon as she saw other kinds dancing she wanted out of her chair and on the floor. We had a table right by the dance floor- so we just let her go. She had the best time!


  1. that's so cute! looks like alice is having a ball!