petting farm

Little known fact about me: I love touching animals. Especially the fuzzy ones. Petting zoos and the like are some of my favorite things. We spent a Saturday afternoon at Green Meadows Petting Farm visiting the animals. Alice had the best time. So did I. Byron was just glad there was ample hand sanitizer.

Silly little goats making silly faces.

This donkey was very sweet and liked to lean while being petted. She was very interested in Byron too.

Alice got closer to catching this pig than any of us adults.

Pretty pot bellies.

Pretty birds and ugly birds. Also, I touched that turkey.

Alice learned to milk a cow. Byron did too, after some coaxing.

I caught a chicken!

Alice's favorite may have been the kittens.

She was so good and gentle. So was the kitten.

Alice's other favorite- Pony rides!!! 
Just like Anna.

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  1. What fun! Hard to decide on a favorite photo. Sure like the little pig one though.