polish fest

Wisconsin in the summer really is pretty sweet. Every weekend, and sometimes during the week, there are festivals celebrating all sorts of different cultures. We missed Taco Fest and Greek Fest, but we made it to Polish Fest. We started with the food, of course, and it was incredible. Sausages, stuffed cabbage and all sorts of pastries... it was all really tasty. 

We got a sweet little flower crown, called a wianek, for Alice. She danced in circles to the music and hasn't parted with her crown since.

All of the colors were gorgeous. The dancers all congregated behind the stage in a rainbow of swirling skirts and flowers.

I don't remember what this pastry was called but it melted in your mouth and left Alice covered in sugar.

Polish Fest was a success and hopefully we can make it to a few more festivals before it's Winter again.


  1. alice is hilariously cute in all of these pics! i'm going to need to try that pastry sometime... looks amazing! also, i found alice's flower crown among the wedding things, i'll return it asap so she can be reuinted with her wianek once again :)

  2. Haha. So that's where it went!