There is a place in Cincinnati called Senate. It's amazing. Like trailer park hot dog amazing. That's a thing. We ate ridiculous amounts of food and hung out in the cool neighborhood. Not bad for a couple of parents and crazy kiddos.

How about that lobster shirt? We couldn't resist.

That there is a bologna sandwich. Yeah.

This is the trailer park hot dog. It comes sprinkled with Grippos, a local delicacy.

More cuteness!

Byron went for the Korean dog.

Alice loves potstickers (I do too). These were unbelievable. All the tastes!!! 

I had a salad. You know- to be healthy. JK. This was a bacon, egg and potato delicious pile of love.

And lobster mac'n cheese. If you find yourself in the Cincy city- go to Senate!
Rumor has it Guy Fieri stopped there for a future episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.


  1. wow, that looks incredible! and how cute are jp's two bottom teeth???

  2. also, i just looked at their menu and want everything on it... including the "una noche con nick lachey"

    1. BT dubs, they have a cookbook for sale. In case you're curious. And yes, JP's little teeth are so cute.

  3. Yummy. Looks great!