north ave grill

I love a good diner. Breakfast anytime. Booths and barstools. Cheap kids meals and fast service. North Avenue Grill is one of our go-to places for a quick dinner. I usually get some sort of breakfast meal that includes bacon and avocados. Byron likes the soup and sandwiches.

Alice just liked having her Baba sit next to her. I think Baba liked it too. Spilled milk and all.

going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

Alice skipped school and I had a day off work so Baba (Alice's grandma, my mom) took us to the zoo. Alice was in a semi-good mood throughout the day. Her two year old independence is full strength right now and pretty frustrating to deal with. Luckily, my mom was a school teacher for, like, 40 years so she has infinite patience. Seriously... infinite. 

They fed the goats, which was hilarious to watch.

All Alice wanted to see were the cats that said meow. We settled for the sleepy lion.

We couldn't resist the pony rides. She is getting so big!

I had a great time, sitting back and letting Baba take the reigns for the day. I think she had fun too.

It was a beautiful day and such sweet memories were made.


I love these pictures so much! Alice and her cousin, Aiden, became fast friends and had us all melted in puddles with their new bond. He was such a gentleman, holding her hand when we walked to the cars. She followed him around and wanted to do everything he did. It was adorable. 

the adams family

Last week was bittersweet. My mom came to visit- which was wonderful. My dad not being here- incredibly painful. The loss feels so much more real when there is an empty seat, words not said, and laughter not heard. The blank space where he should have been felt, at times, overwhelming and suffocating. 

It wasn't all sad. My grandparents, his parents, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. The family all came to Wisconsin for a dinner celebration, some bonding and some much needed togetherness. Their faces, smile and hugs- all so much like my dad's- were incredibly healing. 

The little ones played and held the sweetest of hands. We took plenty of pictures and made some new memories. 

I'm an only child, so these cousins were the closest thing to siblings I ever knew. Their support through these last few months has been incredible. I can't even say how comforting their hugs and words and presence has been. I wish I could see my family more often. They are my people and I love them.

birthday gal

Tomorrow is ma birthday! Whaaaaat?!?! I've got so many fun pictures from the last week to post and I will get to them- I promise. We've had a fun filled week full of ridiculous food and family craziness. For now- here's us two girls on a train. Hope you have a great Friday- I know I will!

sidewalk chalk

I've been working a lot on the weekends lately, which isn't much fun. I miss my family and the little moments we share in the lazy hours. I miss the little hands and voice that wakes me up. I miss the pajama wearing, Frozen watching, cereal-in-a-bag eating of the mornings. Byron takes the best care of Alice when I have to work and she's always happy to see me when I come home. But for right now, that whole work life balance seems to be off. 

We play pretend a lot now. Alice hosts picnics and we ride the school bus to go see a princess. It's so silly and fun. There are so many giggles and made up songs in the few hours we spend together before bedtime. Maybe it will get better. Time passes and circumstances constantly evolve. That's the one thing that is certain. 

I do what I can and that will have to be enough for now. Alice is two and a half, which is the age of independence and immediate needs. And sometimes screaming tantrums in the middle of target on a quick diaper run. It ain't easy, folks, but it's worth it.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit. It's been a hard few weeks but we have some fun stuff coming up. It's the little moments that I treasure and sometimes that's all we have time for. I'm trying to be okay with that. 

For now, we color and laugh and watch the rain wash it all away. We'll do it all over again tomorrow.

cream puff

While we are on the subject of fairs we might as well move right along to the Wisconsin State Fair. Also, the cream puff. It's a big deal around these parts. There's even a mascot, and a pavilion where you can watch the hard working bakers bring them to life. 

Powdered sugar everywhere!

I have learned, after numerous attempts, that there is no clean way to eat a cream puff. But, it's the sweetest mess ever! Speaking of a sweet mess...

Another frozen shirt, another pony ride.

 Another fair for our family and a day well spent. Till next year, cream puffs!

county fair

A few weeks ago, we visited the Waukesha (pronounced Waw-keh-shaw) County Fair. It was a warm evening of small town fun. Byron's mom was in town and helped us wrangle our little goat around all the festivities.

Alice's favorite thing has to be the pony ride. Her little face is so happy and amazed the whole time. Best 5 minutes ever! She seems so comfortable and natural on the horse. It's hilarious.

My favorite part is the animals. I love all their noses and coats and especially that little rock-in-roll bunny.

Also, the food! We took it easy since the State Fair was right around the corner. But, you can't visit these places without at least a corn dog or two.

How about a root bear float with whiskey ice cream? And of course kettle corn.