county fair

A few weeks ago, we visited the Waukesha (pronounced Waw-keh-shaw) County Fair. It was a warm evening of small town fun. Byron's mom was in town and helped us wrangle our little goat around all the festivities.

Alice's favorite thing has to be the pony ride. Her little face is so happy and amazed the whole time. Best 5 minutes ever! She seems so comfortable and natural on the horse. It's hilarious.

My favorite part is the animals. I love all their noses and coats and especially that little rock-in-roll bunny.

Also, the food! We took it easy since the State Fair was right around the corner. But, you can't visit these places without at least a corn dog or two.

How about a root bear float with whiskey ice cream? And of course kettle corn.


  1. Fab photos! xx