cream puff

While we are on the subject of fairs we might as well move right along to the Wisconsin State Fair. Also, the cream puff. It's a big deal around these parts. There's even a mascot, and a pavilion where you can watch the hard working bakers bring them to life. 

Powdered sugar everywhere!

I have learned, after numerous attempts, that there is no clean way to eat a cream puff. But, it's the sweetest mess ever! Speaking of a sweet mess...

Another frozen shirt, another pony ride.

 Another fair for our family and a day well spent. Till next year, cream puffs!


  1. Cream Puff Pavilion, how great does that sound?

  2. those look ah. maz. ing. also, out of everyone i know... you would look the classiest while eating a cream puff :)

    1. Haha. Of course. Just like lettuce wraps and tacos.