farmer's market

We stumbled upon a Farmer's Market after a weekend brunch outing. It was beautiful. I love seeing all the produce piled high and imagining meals out of whatever is available. The market season is so short in Wisconsin- I wish we would have made more of a point to shop there this Summer. Maybe next year.

This flower stand was incredible. People waited in a really long line to get gorgeous bouquets made.

Don't these look amazing? Such pretty earthen colors. Too bad I'm not a mushroom fan (they just taste like dirt to me).

We took a little stroll along a creek and over a bridge, savoring the last bit of Summer's warmth.

This Queen Anne's Lace kind of reminds me of a snow flake. Winter is coming, after all. 


  1. Aren't farmer's markets fun! Gorgeous photos, the jam looks lovely!

    1. They are! Thanks so much for the compliment.