my daughter dresses better than me: en francais

Fun fact: fantastic is my word. Good food? Fantastic. Great movie? Fantastic. Good album/ concert/ song? Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic! If I really like something- I will refer to it as fantastic. I have no idea why. It's just my word. I didn't even realize I said it so much until several people pointed it out to me. Leave it to my BFF though to get me this shirt which is so... well, fantastic!

For my birthday dinner we went French. It was fantastique! Also, how about that perfect little pose! You have no idea how lightening-in-a-bottle that top picture is! My sweet Alice was very cooperative with her matching outfit and I thought we looked pretty cute in our red and black and French tees.

My birthday dinner? Fantastique! La Reve is seriously the best!!!


  1. that top pic is the cutest ever! also, is that a giant macaron dessert? now, that's a fantastic birthday!

    1. also, glad you like the shirt! it looks fantastic on you ;)

    2. Yes, it was a giant macaron with raspberries and a lot of filling. It was fantastic!

  2. Fantastic food and family!