I am in full Outlander obsession mode. I'm almost finished with the 8th book in the series, Written in My Own Heart's Blood and I've watched the first 4 episodes of the series on Starz, twice. Yeah...obsessed. The story is based in Scotland and begins with some accidental time travel. Wanna know more about the story? Read this. Wanna know more about the show? Watch this. Trust me- this one is worth your time. It's epic adventure and romance and I. Can't. Get. Enough.

For my birthday I asked Byron to get me this shirt. I looked everywhere for a similar design and couldn't find it- so he made me the design and got it printed from Words Brand. The name, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, on the shirt is my fictional husband. That's a thing. Read Outlander and you'll understand.

Also, this new nail polish from Essie's fall collection is called Dressed to Kilt. So appropriate! 

So as Summer turns to Fall and the fog rolls in over the hills I'll just be over here with a little whisky in my tea, wrapped in plaid and immersed in Outlander. Aye!


  1. That is a lot of reading! Love the hair color.

    1. It is a lot of reading. The last book isn't even pictured- I'm reading it in Kindle form.