pizzeria piccola

For us, weekday dinner outings need to be cheap, fast and preferably outdoors. We need to savor the last few days of Summer while the weather is warm. Pizzeria Piccola is a great little spot in the village of Tosa. They have brick oven fired pizza and an amazing rustic patio strung with lights. Oh, and a train nearby. Alice loves to wave at trains. She also loves pizza! Who doesn't?!


  1. I'm sorry for writing something completely unrelated, but I love your hair! I tried a haircut like that but my front hair doesn't behave like that... it lives its own life and I just need to let it grow a bit now. Bye-bye to the beloved pixie haircut. :(
    The pizza looks delicious. Napoletan pizza is a bit different from other types of pizza. We had pizza once in a Napoletan pizzeria in Milano - that was before I found out that I was coeliac.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I love a good pixie cut- then I decide to grow it out again. Oh well. I would love to eat pizza in Italy, definitely a future bucket-list plan.

  2. The pizza looks amazing, great photos!