Little Mimi (aka Rosy, Mrs. Poses, Utz- she has many names) got to participate in a festival over the weekend. Wagfest was a silly, sun filled afternoon of barking, running, chewing and drooling. We had such a fun time seeing all the dogs out and about. Mimi got a much needed manicure and we even got to pet a snake.

Alice has gotten really good at walking her Mimi. She holds the lease tight and is quite gentle. She even uses her high pitch voice when she tells Mimi where to go. It's so cute.

This giant was 'bobbing for balls' and splashing everyone nearby.

I love seeing all the dog breeds in one place. They are all so different. Big, small, wrinkled, hairless, skinny, fat. They are all perfect, just as they are.

You can see more dog pictures here.


  1. Wow, I have a kind of "Patterson–Gimlin" thing going on in the 2nd picture.

    1. Had to google it. Then laughed out loud. You're the best, hubby Byron.