thursday flowers

Just some pretty flowers on a Thursday. Hope your week is progressing well.

hay days

Downtown Greendale had a celebration of Fall called Hay Days. There were ponies to ride, goats to pet, crafts and food. It was a cold day- more like Winter than Fall, but people were out enjoying the festivities. Alice took a ride on a small fluffy pony and we bought a bag of snow apples

apple picking

We went apple picking at The Elegant Farmer. We left with a pie. The best apple pie ever. Seriously. It's baked in a paper bag and the crust is like a sugar cookie. Also, it was topped with homemade caramel. Pie- awesome. Apple picking- not so much.

Due to the harsh Winter the apples were not so plentiful. As in, there were very few left on the trees. Most were piled in crates for quick distribution. Mild disappointment. NBD. 

I usually picture apple picking as quiet, peaceful work, done on a crisp fall day. Helicopter rides over the orchard at 5 minute intervals were not the best addition to the peaceful farm activities. Alice spent most of the time with her hands over her ears. But, we ate pie! The best pie! And the pictures turned out pretty cute.

Here's hoping this Winter is swift and slight and the apples next fall will be full and plenty.