disney princesses are my spirit animal

I have decided something- Disney Princesses are my spirit animal. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes. Alice and I watch at least a few minutes of a princess movie every day. I dance around and sing Disney princess songs all the time. I just can't Let It Go. Alice makes requests in the car and I oblige. I'm currently trying to nail all the words from Tangled and I'm close. Why am I telling you this? Because truth is- I've been sad, like really sad. I pretty much shut down for a month or so and spent all my free time reading on the couch. Which is by no means a bad thing to do- I read like 10 books. And there are way worse things to be addicted to than books. Anyways, when I'm sad I ignore my blog. Actually, I continue to post random stuff and then I feel like a fake so I stop. But I like posting happy things and my mom keeps begging me to keep blogging so this is me staring over- a bit. I'm getting out of the funk with the help of my Prince, the ever supportful and loving Byron, and the Anna to my Elsa- Alice. There's also nothing like a little song and dance number to brighten the spirits. So don't worry about me:) Now, to catch you up on all the Raphael family happenings here are 11 things I/we have been up to.

1. All my reading has made me want to write again. So, I'm writing again. It feels great, makes me happy and enables me to sit it Starbucks for hours at a time on my days off. 
2. Byron started a blog where he talks about all the things he (we) likes to watch. It's pretty much a chronicle of everything we talk about. Nerds.
3. I'm taking ballet. It's the hardest, prettiest hour of my week and I LOVE IT!!! My calves burn for days afterwords and Byron probably thinks I'm nuts for jetéing around the house but it does wonders for my soul.
4. We decorated for Christmas- back in October. My rule- if it snows, it glows. 
5. We have lived in Wisconsin for over a year and it's cold again. Cold and snowing. 
6. I have decided to start working part-time in January and keeping Alice home more. It is going to be a huge change for all of us and I hope it works out. 
7. Funny story- I had to go to municipal court yesterday for a traffic ticket (suspended registration). Due to timing and schedules- I had to take Alice with me. It was a full on all-rise-court-in-session type deal where the Judge said "I expect absolute silence." I was pretty sure Alice and I would get thrown out and held in contempt, but she was awesome! We had to wait 45 minutes while other offenders were dealt with and Alice kept her voice to a whisper and sat quietly the whole time. After my offense was dismissed and justice was served the honorable judge commented on what a well behaved child I had. It was a miracle.
8. Alice gets to stay up late to watch Peter Pan tonight. see #7.
9. Speaking of Disney- we went and it was the best day ever. I'll post some pics here- but the video Byron got is spectacular. We will edit and post as soon as possible.
10. We had a relaxed Thanksgiving. I cooked the sides, smoked a turkey on the grill and made a bourbon pecan pie. We ate in our PJ's and it was awesome. 
11. After multiple viewings, we feel Tangled might be better than Frozen (Who knew, right?).


  1. I love you. Remember when you used to tell me, "Stop singing!" I understand your sadness. Keep singing and dancing.

  2. Wow! Amazing. I can barely make it through one book before I'm intrigued by another.

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