to do

Here is a list of the many random things that I would like to do at some point in my life. I will add to it frequently and hopefully cross some things off soon.

go on a cruise
go on a safari
train in Krav Maga
go to Japan
stay at a ranch in Montana
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Visit Washington state
go to Canada
visit Martha's Vineyard
be cured of allergies
attend the Olympics
camp on the beach
write a cookbook
write a novel
fly first class
swim with great white sharks
have my eyebrows professionally sculpted
own extra glasses just for style purposes
RV trip across the USA
live in NYC
see the Pacific ocean
go to Paris
adopt a dog
see the great barrier reef
see the grand canyon
camp in Yellowstone
see a wild bear
travel to California
ice skate on a lake
shave my head
have a vanity
visit Russia
attend a family reunion
attend a high school reunion
camp- with only what I can carry
touch a standing stone in Scotland
attend a fashion show
hear wolves howl in the wild
swim in the Mediterranean sea
learn to knit/ crochet
make Alice a dress
witness a birth
make a friend through this blog
meet that friend in person
visit Vancouver, BC
go to San Diego Comic Con